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To decorate or not to decorate: Selling your home during the holidays

The housing market doesn’t come to a standstill during the holidays, and several real estate experts have found that buyers shopping for homes during this time are more motivated and deadline-driven. “Homebuyers who shop during the off season, and in particular around the holidays, are typically very serious about getting into a house,” says Sharon Voss, […]

How to choose a real estate pro online: 5 Secrets to finding the perfect agent

What should you be looking for when you start your real estate search and are trying to decide on an agent to represent you as a buyer or seller? And how can you tell which real estate agent will do the best job? Here are the five things to look for when deciding: 1. Testimonials What […]

Quiz: How to tell if a real estate agent is right for you

Hiring the wrong real estate agent could significantly impact your experience as a buyer or a seller. The right real estate agent will not only have a great resume and be genuinely committed to helping you meet your needs, but he/she will “click” with you too. “Real estate is a people business. You have to […]

Dreaming of Living in a Tiny Home? Here’s the Truth From People Who’ve Done It

You’ve stalked them online and binge-watched them on TV. You’ve pinned more than a few diminutive but adorable interiors. And maybe you’ve even daydreamed about building your own tiny home. But actually living in one full time? Well, that’s seems like a whole different ballgame. (A miniature ballgame, perhaps, maybe four innings?) After all, tiny houses are, […]