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Is Making Extra Mortgage Payments Better Than Refinancing?

Many mortgage borrowers at some point consider making extra payments or refinancing but are confused as to which would serve them better. This article is directed to them. Extra Payment vs. Refinance While borrowers refinance for a variety of reasons, only refinancings undertaken to reduce the interest rate can be viewed as an alternative to […]

Should You Buy a Home? Just Ask Your Facebook Friends

So according to jointly-conducted research from Facebook, Harvard University and New York University, which indicates our Facebook friends influence our perceptions of homeownership. Facebook users with friends who own homes in areas where prices have appreciated tend to consider a house a sound investment, and vice versa. Researchers compared the county-level locations of samples of […]

Hottest Summer for Housing in 10 Years

Confirming a record-breaking summer, the residential real estate market has kept the temperature up with the hottest July in a decade, according to new data on inventory and demand on®. Homes for sale in July are moving two percent more quickly than last year as prices continue to hit new record highs. “The best spring […]

How Many Hours Do You Have to Work to Afford Your Mortgage?

When you take your monthly mortgage payment, utility bills and other expenditures into consideration, it’s no surprise that owning a home is an expensive proposition. But have you ever considered just how many hours you have to work to afford your home? Or how many hours you’d have to work to afford your dream home […]