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Pack Like a Pro

Plan ahead. Develop a master to-do list so you won’t forget something critical heading into moving day. This will also help you create an estimate of moving time and costs. Discard items you no longer want or need. Ask yourself how frequently you use an item and how you’d feel if you no longer had […]

Home Trends to Watch: Adding the Bathtub Back In

By Melissa Dittmann Tracey, REALTOR® Magazine The National Association of Home Builders has in recent years pointed to a dwindling interest in whirlpools in the master bathroom, but that doesn’t mean home owners are ready to banish bathtubs all together. Sure, home owners have been swapping out built-in bathtubs with supersized walk-in, lavish showers. However, […]

Down Payment Gift? Better Watch Out

Many first-time home buyers receive down payment assistance from a family member or close friend, but they may not realize there are specific guidelines they must follow when they take money from others for a home purchase. First off, the down payment must be considered a gift. If it’s considered a loan, the lender must […]

Wage Growth Is Giving a Boost to Affordability

Recent increases in mortgage rates aren’t — yet at least — dampening homebuyers’ purchasing power. In fact, housing affordability is at its best in a quarter-century, says Mark Fleming, chief economist for First American Financial Corp. Recent wage growth is helping to offset rising rates and home prices. The firm’s September house price index shows […]